Pictures and Testimonials

Nothing is more rewarding than having satisfied clients and happy pets!

BELLE – Mandy P. (IN)

Just wanted to let you know Belle is doing well and is progressing nicely. The obedience training did wonders for her and we’re excited to bring her back this spring. – Thanks Tom!

DAX – Robert & Carol H. (OH)

Just wanted to inform you how well Dax is doing! He is much more obedient and listens better when called, he doesn’t chase the cats as much (or) post-man lol.

BOBO – Scott E. (OH)

Basic obedience training was a great experience. You taught me so much more about this breed and answered all of my concerns. You really know your stuff!

Thanks again!

MAXX – Brandon M. (IN)
Dept of Corrections

I wanted to inform you that Maxx finished his SAR training and moving toward narcotics. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.

Great doing business with you!

BRUTUS – Don & Cathy J. (OH)

Here is a photo of Brutus last summer when he was in your puppy class. He is really getting big now! Thanks for your classes they did a world of good!

MUKEY – Nancy G. (OH)

Hi! Mukey is doing wonderful, minding his own and doing very well on his commands. He was certainly a challenge before I met you. Thanks tom!!

THOR – Mark H. (OH)

Tom, I cannot thank you enough! Thor is doing great with my sheep he is herding nicely and seems less aggressive towards strangers.

LEXI – Janet R. (OH)

Hi Tom, had to thank you for Lexi she is just amazing I love this girl so much. She seems to mature every day and becomes more beautiful!!!! So stunning her colors, body type and tone. I am beyond Blessed to have her!

NIKO – Patrick S. (OH)

Hi there Tom just an update on Niko. He is 6yrs old and still plays vigorously (ball). He enjoys swimming in our pond, hiking and socializing with people. We can’t thank you enough for such a great dog.

ROCKY – Willis T. (OH)

The quality of these pups are amazing SteinK9. The bone structure, intelligence, his drive wow what a pup! Glad to see someone maintaining these remarkable K9dogs and breeding these lines.

TRIXIE – Susan B. (OH)

Hi Tom – Your training with Trixie and the time we spent with you was very meaningful. She has progressed nicely and become so obedient with her commands. Thank You!


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