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Our Story

The origins of Stein K9 began more than 25 years ago. It has evolved over time. Tom Falkenstein, the founder of the facility fell in love with the Working German Shepherd breed when he purchased his first dog many years ago. His journey began as a happy owner of a family pet and companion. He became more involved with the breed, showing his dogs over the years and winning many awards. Dedicated to improving his line, he began to breed his dogs for specific qualities: work, health, sport, stability, structure, protection, and – most of all – undying dedication and love for their handler.

He has expanded the training program and now trains all breeds of dogs. he enjoys helping educate the public on how to better understand their dog companions.

My Blog

I am truly passionate about dogs! Please visit my blog to learn more about my opinions on breeding, behavioral issues, and lots of other insights. Please feel free to react or post questions for discussion. Doggy Talk was developed to include all dog lovers, regardless of breed! You can visit our blog here.


Stein K9 provides a comfortable environment for raising and training our dogs. Our fenced enclosures guarantee the safety of all animals in our care. There is plenty of space for exercise and all the dogs thrive in our comfortable care.


We pride ourselves on providing a safe, spacious, comfortable kennel area for our overnight guests.


We offer grooming services by appointment only. Treat your best friend to a dogg spa day that includes grooming and exercise! Call for prices!!

Recommended Veterinarians

K9 Whisperer / Behaviorist/ Advanced Trainer/ IPO/ Tracking/ Search & Rescue / Protection / Law Enforcement Training. Serving all of OH, Eastern PA, Northern WV

“My experience and success has been life changing in helping people understand their pets. I am dedicated to improving not only my breed but helping others better understand their dog(s). We need to understand these magnificent creatures and how they aid us in our daily lives. They are truly mans best friend.”

Puppy Classes, IPO, Protection Training, Handler. Cleveland, Medina, Akron areas

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